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The Best Drinking Games In The World

Arguably, nothing is more useful and effective for breaking the ice with strangers than having a couple of drinks together. Drinking in company breaks down any language barrier and quickly makes you the best friend of someone with whom you may only share an hour or two of your life.

Luckily for us, on this road to collective “spark” we have a wonderful invention: group drinking games! And it is that since time immemorial, drunks from all corners of the world have been developing a series of games that mix sport, skill and alcohol to facilitate the task of socializing.

God Save The Queen

The rules are simple. In the original game, you look for a coin that has the head of Queen Elizabeth on one of the two sides (it will be the only currency that we use throughout the game), but if you don’t have pounds you can choose another currency. We then choose a random player to start the game. That player will have to successfully put or toss the coin into the drink of any of the other players in order to sink it to the bottom of the glass. When this happens, the player will cry “God save the Queen” and the owner drink your drink should be completed as quickly as possible to prevent the queen from drowning.

Slip and flip

The Slip and Flip is the best drinking games of the summer! It is a hybrid between two classics from the United States, the Slip n Slide and the Flip Cup , and consists of a race of speed and skill, so you can start training! The goal is to get to a table at the end of the canvas with lots of glasses (the Flip Cup ) as quickly as possible . When the player reaches the table, he must take his glass (which he will have previously filled with his favorite drink) and he will have to drink it as soon as possible.

Beer pong

This classic of group drinking games (and also one of the most beloved) requires quite a bit of skill and a bit of luck. First you will have to fill 20 glasses halfway with beer or another alcoholic beverage, and then divide them into two groups of 10 that you will order at each end of the table in a diamond shape. Don’t forget to fill 2 glasses with water (one per team) to rinse the ball after each throw. Now that you’re all set, it’s time to divide your teammates into two teams and play a quick round of rock-paper-scissors to decide which team throws first. The ultimate goal of the game is for teams to take turns trying to get a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups how to buy likes on facebook. Every time a ball lands in one of the glasses, you must finish that drink and take it off the table, so the first team to dunk the ball in all the glasses of the opposing team, becomes the winner! (or what is the same, the first to remove all the opponent’s glasses from the table, wins).